Call For Proposals

SUNYLA 2011 Shared Borders: Collaborating for Success

(June 15-17, 2011)

Call For Proposals
The 2011 SUNYLA Conference will be hosted in Plattsburgh, which borders the Adirondacks, Quebec, Vermont, and Lake Champlain. These shared boundaries both define and strengthen Plattsburgh’s culture. SUNY Librarians and Libraries are now increasingly redefining old borders or finding new partners. This year’s SUNYLA Conference will examine and explore new connections that facilitate collaboration across the library, the campus, the community, and the SUNY system. The SUNYLA 2011 program planning committee welcomes sessions related to collaboration across shared territories and the possibilities created by redefining roles within and outside the Library. If you are submitting proposals for multiple sessions, please submit a form for each session. Preconference Sessions will be held on Wednesday, June 15, and the main conference will be Thursday and Friday June 16-17.


Deadline for Proposals: March 15th, 2011
Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • New collaborations between library departments (i.e., ILL and Collection Development)
  • Building partnerships with campus departments (i.e., Writing Centers, Learning or Tutoring Centers, IT Departments)
  • Finding new partners in the community (i.e., connecting to high schools, businesses, and community organizations)
  • Innovations that create new roles for the library (i.e., Institutional Repositories, Scholarly Publishing Centers)
  • The blended librarian: how will changes in departments and campuses redefine librarianship? (i.e., What is the role of the collection development librarian in a patron-driven world?  How will the role of the reference librarian change in the next 10 years?)
  • Efficiency through collaboration: how have collaborations and initiatives focused on sharing resources and knowledge improved individual libraries and SUNY libraries as a whole?
  • How will new trends or technologies change librarianship and the Library in the future?
  • How can librarians stay current and prepared to take advantage of new roles and opportunities?
  • Knowledge through collaboration: SUNY librarians sharing their experience/knowledge – i.e., assessment of services, gaming, web 2.0 technologies (creating pod-casts/you tube videos), mobile technologies


Please consider submitting a proposal for a pre-conference workshop, a conference session, or a poster presentation.

  • Conference sessions are either 45 or 90 minutes.  Choose the time frame that is most appropriate.
  • Pre-conference workshops are either 90 minutes or 3 hours and should include some interactive or hands-on component. Computer labs will be available for up to 3 pre-conference workshops. Please indicate whether you prefer or need a computer lab for your pre-conference session.

Contact for Preconference Sessions:
Kate Pitcher, Geneseo, 1-585-245-5064,

Contact for Conference Sessions:
Kim Davies Hoffman, Geneseo, 1-585-245-5046,

Contact for Poster Sessions:
Rosanne Humes, Nassau, 1-516-572-7402,


Link to Form to Submit a Proposal




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