SUNYLA 2011 Conference Theme–Shared Borders: Collaborating for Success

Shared Borders: Collaborating for Success

Borders are not always symbols of division and separation—often these areas are where the best partnerships happen. The collaborative relationships that these invisible lines encourage can enrich the culture for all. Libraries share many borders, in and outside of the physical building, resulting in new and exciting collaborations across the campus community. Hosted in Plattsburgh, which has connections to Quebec, Lake Champlain, Vermont, and the Adirondacks, the SUNYLA 2011 conference will explore unique ways that libraries can optimize shared borders. Plattsburgh’s margins provide its citizens national, international, and natural connections. Like Plattsburgh, SUNY Libraries find strength in navigating points of contact.  Some of the many questions this conference will address are: How can SUNY Libraries effectively build relationships across borders within “One SUNY?” How can shifting departmental roles lead to open participation within libraries? How can libraries find new partners on campus and within the community with which to meaningfully and productively share borders? Finally, how do partners retain unique characteristics while merging and working together to navigate new roles?

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