Things to Do In Plattsburgh

The City of Plattsburgh’s official website compiles information about recreation and tourism in the area.

The Guide to the Lake City [pdf, 18MB] contains information, including maps on historic sites and recreational opportunities from the Downtown area to beautiful Cumberland Bay and between.

Want to explore Lake Champlain? The Kayak Shack, five miles south of the college, rents kayaks and canoes and also offers guided tours.

While there are many hiking opportunities available in the nearby Adirondacks, June is black fly season, so we recommend a hike at Point au Roche State Park instead.

Point au Roche State Park has miles of hiking and biking trails as well as a sandy beach and picnic facilities. [Directions]

Take a summer bobsled ride in nearby Lake Placid.

Take the scenic ferry across Lake Champlain to shop at the Church Street Marketplace. Or go with your fellow librarians during our Friday group excursion!

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